• Winging It

    New Podcast

    Refreshingly honest takes on everything sports, relationships, viral videos, trending topics, and anything the hosts find funny and want to talk about. (shoulder shrug) "sorry not sorry"

    The Hosts

    Mike, Hunter and Gabe host the Winging It podcast. They've been friends since highschool and have stayed close over the years. They've talked about starting a podcast together for the longest time. Well I guess it finally happened!


    The guys will discuss topics like the ones listed above. The show will mainly just be Mike and Hunter, but will also have guests on that will be sure to entertain and leave you laughing and wanting more!

    (Explicit Content)

    Why did this podcast get started?

    The vision of Wingman of the Year is start a culture of guys looking out for eachother and to be the ultimate friend "Wingman". This podcast is a way of growing that culture. We want to share our vision while also having a good time doing it!

    Why should I listen?

    Mike and Hunter will provide you with their honest opinions and not hold back. As the podcast grows they will interact with followers to take listener questions and answer them on the show to provide advice. We wont bullshit you either. Also this will be the podcast that determines who the actual wingman of the year is. Winners will be picked through submissions and have a chance to be featured on the show. Yes! This will be a real award!

    How to listen?

    Listeners can find us on iTunes, Spotify, and all other major podcasting platforms. Just search "Winging It" and find the podcast with our logo. 

    Oh, and be sure to subscribe and leave us feedback!